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Welcome to Sleepy Hollow Early Learning Center

We believe that ‘Children are our Future’

Our goal at Sleepy Hollow Early Learning Center is to positively shape young lives through a wide variety of activities. Our desire is to provide a loving and nurturing experience for all our children. Under proper supervision, the teachers at Sleepy Hollow will provide new challenges and success that are designed to build your child's self esteem.

By listening to children, showing them our interest with positive words, gestures and facial expressions, we can take advantages of children's needs to manipulate and discover. We will help them go from what they already know to what he/she needs to know next.

Sleepy Hollow Early Learning Center is open to all children who may benefit from our program, regardless of race, nationality, creed or gender. We ask our parents to concern themselves with what is going on in the center by volunteering when possible, giving suggestions of the center. We also ask that you familiarize yourself with the operating procedures of this center.


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