Parent Letter

There is a lot of tension and unknown right now with the COVID-19 ordeal. Schools, churches, concerts, conferences, and large gatherings are being cancelled until further notice. For now, most child care centers remain open but it is only a matter of time before we are put in the line of fire to be forced to close next.

Child care closures create a world of panic in itself for families, teachers, and us small business owners. Parents may not have resources or a support system to help with their children while they work. Teachers are put on unpaid leave.   Business owners facing the loss of their business and income.

Child care center owners are being put in an incredibly difficult position trying to figure out what is best and fair for the families enrolled as well as their teachers and livelihood of their business. Worrying about losing families, being unable to pay their loyal teachers, and not being able to pay for the absolute bare minimum of the business such as mortgage, utilities, insurance, and other necessary expenses is just a fraction of the stress involved.

Please know that financial decisions are not at all made lightly. At this time, we are asking parents to continue to pay for their weekly tuition so that we can in turn continue to pay our staff and meet our basic financial needs. The majority of our dedicated staff have stayed on to ensure we meet the needs of our families. You are the reason we exist and the reason we are able to offer our programs to our communities. We cannot survive without you.

We understand that paying for a service you are not receiving at this time is frustrating and difficult. This is not a situation anyone has experienced before and we are doing our best to be fair to all involved. If it is possible and for as long as we can, we want to show our staff the same support we are showing our parents during this time. For when this is all over, it is our hope that we will be able to reopen to all our families and have the same loyal staff still with us here at Sleepy Hollow.

Things are changing daily. We will revisit this as more information comes out. As always, we appreciate your continued understanding and support.

Thank you,

Sheree Pounsberry