Sleepy Hollow February Newsletter

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It’s February already!

This month we are learning:

Butterflies and Dragonflies: The theme is Construction Zone.  Topics they will be learning about are “I Can Build”, “Build with Me” and “Everybody Builds”.  The children will learn about building things, solving problems, and how they can plan together to get a job done.  We will be comparing length and heights.  The children will be introduced to the letters B, M and R.  We will be introducing the cube shape.

Caterpillar A:  The theme “Watch It Grow”.  They are talking about fruits & Vegetables, Trees, Flowers, and Food Markets.  Introducing letters, I, T, B,  J, and Q.  They will make Vegetable Soup and explore difference vegetables.

Penguins, Doves, and Pandas:  The themes the children will be learning about this month are “Treats for My Sweet” and “Teddy Bear Games”.  February is the perfect month for the children to share their love by doing kind things for each other.  The children will also learn many ways to help keep their bodies healthy through proper hygiene. Also reinforce dental hygiene since its Dental Health Month. The children will be exploring the heart shape, the letters P, Q, and R, the numbers 13 and 14, and the color pink.

 Valentine’s Day Party: We will have our Valentine’s party and color day party February 14th. If your child would like to bring in Valentines for their classmates, we ask that you put your child’s name on the from part. We will not be passing out class list. Please see your teacher for holiday party donations.

February Announcement Dates:

14th Valentine’s Party/Pink Day

15th Parents Night Out

18th CLOSED (Presidents Day; In-Service Day for Staff)


Just as a reminders:

-Please call by 9:30 if your child is going to be absent or will be late.

-For inclement weather to see if we will be delayed or closed please check the website, facebook, or call the center.

-We are still going outside so please make sure to dress your child appropriately.

NO shoes are allowed on the carpet areas. Parents please remember to take off your shoes too when you enter a room

-If you have an infant or a toddler upstairs please pick up that child first.  This will help prevent germs being spread to the little ones and the older children will not be wondering around unsupervised.

– Please do NOT bring in the car carriers, they are bumping the door and walls.

–  Please remember that this time of year we have many illnesses going around the center.  It takes a lot of work to disinfect an entire room when one child gets sick.  You MUST keep your child home 24 hrs after being on medication.  The virus is still contagious within the first 24 hrs.  We just had the flu and RSV in the infant/toddler room and that spread (no one’s fault) very easily and fast.  With that being said when you child/children have been diagnosed with a virus, PLEASE keep them home.  They need the rest just as we adults need it.  Again, our policy is after 24 hrs on medication, then they may return to the center.  This could lead to termination, if our policy is not followed.  You are putting other children and my staff at risk of getting the virus.  Image result for February clipart