Sleepy Hollow March Newsletter

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We are marching right into Spring and are happy to see winter behind us! There are lots of exciting activities happening this season at Sleepy Hollow!

 This month we are learning:

 Butterflies and Dragonflies: This month’s theme is “In the City, In the Country.” The children will learn about what it is like to live in the country through books about rural areas and farms. Through stories the children will learn what it is like to live in the city and how people get around there. They will be discussing and exploring the different things people buy and sell. The letters introduced this month are Cc, Qq, and Vv.

 Pandas, Penguins, and Doves: This month’s themes are Silly Dr. Seuss and changing weather. The children will be exploring the whacky world of Dr. Seuss through reading, art, math, and science. Wind, spring weather, rainstorms, and rainbows will keep the children busy

through dramatic play and special snacks. Letters Ss, Tt, and Uu will be introduced this month. Numbers fifteen and sixteen, the color blue, and the rhombus shape will be explored throughout the month.

 Caterpillar A: We will be discussing the theme is “Splash and Dig.” We will be continuing working on beginning sounds, opposites, rhyming words, sorting, and letter recognition.

Infant/Toddlers: This month’s themes are “Yummy in My Tummy” and “Bunnies and Chicks.” We will be exploring the color blue and the opposites open and closed.

Parents Night Out will be on Friday March 20th. For ages 2 and up. From 6 to 11 pm. Two yr old spots are limited, please sign up early. Dinner, snacks, games, crafts, and lots of fun for your child to enjoy! $30.00 for one child, $40 for two, $50 for three, etc. Please be sure to sign your child by the Wednesday.

 Bake Sale this season will be on Friday April 3rd from 3:00 to 6:00pm. We will be raising money to help fund the Spring Festival. All desserts will be donated by the staff from the center. Please stop by the table and buy a treat!

 St. Patrick’s Day Party will be on Tuesday March 17th. Please see your children’s teacher to sign up for the donations needed for their class. Be sure to come wearing green!

Candy Donations are needed for the Spring Fling egg hunt. We fill over 1000 eggs each year. We are asking for each family to please donate a bag of candy by Friday March 20th.

 Spring Festival this year will be on Friday April 3rd from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Bring your children to meet the Spring Bunny! Join in the festivities with games, crafts, food, music, and prizes. Don’t forget parents there is a great prize to win for yourselves too!

Summer Programs will be sent to your email accounts through HiMama. Please print out and return a signed permission slip with payments if you would like your child/children participate in the activities this summer. If you have any problems or concerns about the information on the summer program please contact Ms. Jessica for the preschool programs and Ms. Melissa for the school age programs.

 March Announcement Dates:

17th St. Patrick’s Day Party

20th Parents Night out

20th Spring Fundraiser due

27th Bake Sale Candy Donations Due

As the Nation monitors the spread of the Coronavirus world-wide, there is concerns on how it relates to our school. While there has been no exposure here at Sleepy Hollow, I am writing to share how we are working to sustain a healthy environment for our employees and the children we care for daily.

  • I have instructed all employees to be more vigilant with handwashing.
  • We continue to sanitize equipment/toys to reduce the spread of germs.
  • When we are notified that an employee or child is sick, we ask that they get a specific diagnosis (the flu is also of concern) and advise them to stay home until symptoms have resolved.

Parents can support us by engaging the following practices:

  • Keep sick children at home. No matter the type of illness, bringing sick children to school only perpetuates the problem.   Children must be 24-hour symptom-free (off medications) to attend our program. Children should not be brought to school under the influence of fever-reducing medications as that only masks illness and promulgate the spread of germs.
  • If your child is sick, notify us immediately. We will post exposure notices outside each classroom as required. Posting this information allows us to provide you the best information we can. Please note that the signs provide all the information that we can while not violating HIPPA. We ask that you not overwhelm the Teachers by overly questioning them about illness posters. They cannot tell you information about specific children or staff.
  • Be vigilant with handwashing at home and school. Children must wash their hands before entering the classroom each day. Regardless of how they feel about it, this must happen for the health and well-being of everyone else in our building. The recommendation for handwashing is 20-seconds. Sing the letters of the alphabet to help keep time.
  • Teach children good cough and sneezing hygiene. Encourage your child to use a tissue or their elbow, but not their hands, when they cough or sneeze. Placing masks on children to prevent them from getting sick is not recommended as per the CDC.
  • If your child has traveled out of the country, please notify us before bringing your child back to school. We will check to determine if a self-quarantine is required.

For more information about the Coronavirus, please visit


Here is the latest information we have received: