Sleepy Hollow September Newsletter


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Things were a bit different this past summer and still are.  We are entering the virtual learning with the children this year.  We are trying to keep up with all the different schools.  Just keep in mind things change quickly and be patient with us.  We are new to this as well.

 What’s happening in the center:

This month your child will be learning about:

 Infant/Toddlers themes is “Special Me” and “Where I Live.”  They will be learning about the color red, opposites in and out, exploring things about birthdays, homes, and family time.

Caterpillar A and  Penguins themes this month are “Off to School” and “Apples Everywhere.”  Throughout the month the children will learn and explore about the letters Aa, Bb, and Cc, numbers 1, 2, and 3, the color red, and the circle shape.  The children will learn about the importance of friends, their name, sharing, and what takes place at school.  They will also explore about where apples grow, the different types of apples, and the different foods apples can be used to make.

Pandas and Doves theme is “Let’s Investigate” learning about Dilly and her friends, what makes everyone special, what makes ourselves unique, and our own families.

Butterflies  themes this month are “ All About Me,” Let’s Be Friends,” and “ Our Happy Classroom.”  Using this month’s themes your child will introduce themselves to their classmates through expressing  their feelings.  They will read stories about making friends and how they work and play together.  The children will also explore and discover the new things they will see this school year.

The children will be learning positional concepts such as above, below, beside, on top of, under, etc.  To help your child practice this concept play a game using these words to tell your child where to find an object or where to place an object.

 Toys/items From Home will not be allowed at Sleepy Hollow. It brings in germs and we try to prevent as many from coming into the center as possible.  Your child’s teacher will ask you to take it with you during drop off in the morning. It will not be placed in your child’s cubby.  If you have any questions or concerns contact Ms. Jessica.

 Supply Donation Lists have been passed out the previous month. We are asking each family to provide the highlighted items on their child’s list.  Each child will receive a list. Items like tissues, play dough, band aids, markers, etc. will be on the list. Please send in these items as soon as possible. Thank you. If you have not received a list please ask your child’s teacher for one.

New Parent Handbooks will be passed out. You will be signing off that you have received the handbook and will read it.  If you have any questions or concerns with the information in the handbook, please speak with Ms. Jessica. There is a sheet of paper inside with the Maryland Childcare website address for you to be able to review state regulations. If you have not received one please ask your child’s teacher for one.

Yearly Registration Fee will be required to be paid by September 13, 2019.  Payments will be deducted from your account unless you have talked to Ms. Jessica.  Each family only pays one registration fee not per child.

September Dates to Remember:

September 7 th Sleepy Hollow CLOSED

September 25th Registration Fee Due

September 30th – Red Day