Arrival and Pick Up

Delayed Pick-ups/Overtime Charges

If you know you will be delayed, please notify us immediately so that we can reassure your child and make sure we maintain the staff needed.  Your courtesy phone call does not waive the late charge. **Parents are required to have an emergency pick up person that will pick up your child if you are going to be more than five minutes late.  Our official hours of operation are 6:00am to 6:00pm.    There will be an overtime charge of $20.00 for each quarter the clock turns.



6:16-6:30———————————–$40.00 etc…

**Sleepy Hollow Day Care reserves the right to increase the overtime charge for repeat offenders.


Authorization to Pick-Up a Child

No child will be released to a person not authorized by a parent in writing or in person—prior to the release of the child.  All authorized persons picking a child up will be asked for I.D. before a child is released. Once the authorized person is recognized by all the staff, I.D. will no longer be required.


Arrival and Pick-Up

All children must enter and exit the Center escorted by their parent or guardian.  Sibling under the age of sixteen will not be allowed to pick up children.  We ask that the parent or guardian make contact with a staff member before leaving his/her child.  Once parent /guardian and child leave the building it is the parents/guardians responsibility to supervise and escort his/her child directly to the car. The parking lot is not a play area and is a dangerous area for children to be running free.  If we find that children are not supervised, we will provide an escort for them.

***To avoid accident and injury, we ask that parents please park in a circular fashion in the parking lot.  To pull straight in means that you will be backing up the car when you leave.  Remember we have other children who are getting picked up and may be in the parking lot when you leave.