Breakfast/Lunch/Snack Time

Breakfast will begin at 7:00am and will end promptly at 7:30am. If your child arrives later or will not have time to finish his/her breakfast, please feed him or her before coming to the center.  Snack will begin at 8:00am so if they did not eat a breakfast they will be given something for snack that is provided by the center, but this will not a be a breakfast.  Parents will provide breakfast food items with the exception of milk for cereal.  The center will provided milk for cereal but not for drink. Please provide your child with a drink for breakfast.  It is much easier if food items come in disposable containers, as bowls and cups all start looking alike and are easily misplaced.   Label all items that come into the center.

Two nutritious snacks are served each day, one in the morning and one in the evening after nap.  Lunch is provided every day.  All snacks and lunches have been approved by the Child Care Association.  We understand that many children coming into the center have not been introduced to some of the foods we serve in the center, ie…fruits and vegetables.  This is a great time to start introducing these new food groups.  You may find that your child is not eating well when he or she first starts school, but you will find that in time his or her appetite will pick up.  We will not allow food from home to be brought to the center.  Regulations require that food be kept in the refrigerator and there is simply not enough room for 100-120 lunches.  The only exception will be if there are medical reasons that your child can not eat all or some of our foods. A note from the doctor will be required.  Religious or cultural food issues will be met by the center.  See the Ms. Sheree or the director Ms. Jessica if special needs are required.


Food from Home

During the year you may be asked to bring in food items for your child’s classroom or may want to bring in something for a special occasion.  Homemade items are not allowed.  Only store bought items may be brought to the center.  Watch labels as many products include peanut/nuts or peanut oils.  Due to the fact that many children are allergic to nuts we will not serve any foods that contain nuts or nut oils to children under the age of five.

***To keep cost down we will be asking parents to bring in snack items from time to time.  A list will be given as to very specific items, amounts and size.  We know that the items we are asking for do not have nuts or nut oil in them, often times the ‘off brands’ do.  Please follow the list as closely as possible.