Sick Child Policy

No child will be admitted to Day Care if…

He/she has been vomiting
Has Diarrhea
Has a fever
Is agitated because of illness

A child that is sent home from the center with fever, diarrhea or vomiting, may not return to the center the next day.  No child will be admitted back into day care for at least twenty-four hours after the last bout of vomiting, diarrhea or fever.

Temperature will be taken on the forehead, in the ear and /or under the arm, depending on the type of thermometer.

A temperature over 100 along with signs of illness or agitation will be reason to send a child home, although, a temperature may or may not be present for a child to be sent home.  When a child gets ill in day care, a quiet place will be found (in view of teachers) for him/her to lie down.  A teacher will check the child and tend to his/her needs until a parent or pick-up person arrives.

When a parent is called to pick up a sick child, please make arrangements to pick your child up as soon as possible.

If a school age child is too sick to go to school, he/she is too sick to attend day care as well.  We will not pick sick children up from school.

I have a great respect for those parents who want their children to fight off infections on their own without the aid of antibiotics or medications.  But, in order for your child to do so, he/she must get plenty of rest.  With our daily activities, we cannot provide your child with the amount of rest required.  Therefore, we are asking that find alternative day care for your child when he/she is fighting an illness.

If a child has been sick and is on an antibiotic, then he/she may return to Day Care after the first day’s dose of medication has been given and he/she is feeling well.

When a child is sick more than three days, State Regulations require a doctor’s note before returning to the center.  If a child is out sick with a viral infection and returns within three days and still shows signs of the virus, then a doctor’s note will be required before readmitting.

We ask that all children and teachers wash their hands upon entering the Day Care Center from home, outside and school.  Our goal is to keep a happy, healthy day care not to irritate parents by constantly calling them home for a sick child.  We do understand how difficult it is to leave your work and take days off tending to a sick child.  Please make arrangements now with a friend, neighbor or relative that could possibly help you out once in a while.


All medication must now be brought to the office and signed in with Ms. Jessica, Miss. Laura or Ms. Sheree.

Plan to come in a few minutes early so medications can be counted logged in and discussed.  All medications will be administered by one of the three above. Records of all medication administered will be kept in the office.

All prescription medication must come in its original container and the directions on the container will be followed exactly.

Over the counter medications can not be administered unless we have a doctor’s note.   A doctor’s permission can be gotten either by note from the doctor or a direct conversation between our staff and the doctors office. Permission must be obtained with each illness.

A medication form, provided by the Center, must be filled out and signed by the parent for each medication.


When found on a child, he/she will be sent home immediately!  A note from the Health Dept. will be required before admitting the child back into the Center.

Injury Report

All injuries are to be written up on an incident or accident report and signed by a parent or by the pick up person, on the day of the incident or accident.  A staff member will discuss who, what, when, where, and how’s of the incident: this will include, how the situation was handled, what treatment was given, if any, how to prevent it from happening again.  Accident reports are the property of Sleepy Hollow Day Care; however, a copy can be obtained at the parent’s request.  If an injury is severe and medical attention is needed, an ambulance will be called to transport the child to the hospital.  Parents will be notified, if a parent is not available, then an emergency contact in your child’s file will be called.  If possible, a staff member will follow the ambulance, taking the child’s medical record with him/her.  If possible, the staff member will stay with the child until a parent or emergency person arrives.

A staff member nor can your emergency person authorize treatment for your child.  Unless it is life threatening, treatment may not begin until a parent is reached.  ** There are special forms that you may obtain from the hospital and leave on file there, which will allow the doctor’s to begin immediate treatment upon the child’s arrival.  All accidents that require a doctor or hospital visit must be reported to the Child Care Administration by our center.