Discipline Policy

Sleepy Hollow Day Care has been using a more positive discipline approach as listed below:

Children are redirected by using positive word and positive actions.

Sleepy Hollow staff is working on recognizing certain behavior and dealing with it before it gets to be a problem.

An activity is provided for a child if he/she needs to be separated from the group for a short period of time.  This redirects the child’s attention and gives the child something to focus on and gives him/her something useful to do with his/her hands.  The child may rejoin the group when the activity is completed and he/she decides that he/she is ready.

Time outs— We try not to use this method of discipline, but may if the child’s behavior becomes physical: hitting, biting, kicking, pinching, or spitting.  Time outs will usually last for about 3-5 minutes followed by a teacher and child discussion.  An activity may be assigned.

Shadowing—When a child has a continuous behavior and is aggressive towards others, the teacher will ‘shadow’ the child.  Actually, the child will go wherever the teacher goes.  He/she will be able to play but within arms reach of the teacher.

When Behavior becomes obsessiveTeachers will monitor and record behavior when it becomes obsessive. A ‘Behavior Report’ will be filled out and discussed with parents.  A plan of action will be set up to try and deter the misbehavior.  Parents will be asked to sign all reports so that we are all aware of the behavior and the plan of actions. A copy of this form can be obtained from the office upon your request.  Severe behavior can result in Suspension or expulsion from the program.

My own space—At times, a mat may be provided for the child to carry.  The mat becomes that child’s ‘space’ and no one is allowed in his ‘space.’  The child can play in any area but must stay on the mat while playing, others are constantly reminded that they must stay out of his ‘space’ as long as he is on his/her mat.  This is especially used when we have a child that bites.  Very young children will bite and will get bit.  We have found that ‘shadowing’ and giving the child his/her ‘own space,’ the mat, have worked very efficiently in stopping this behavior.

Destruction of Property

Parent will be monetarily responsible for any destruction and /or breakage caused by their child.